LCD-backlight PWM control

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I got my LCD running fine last time [1] and thinking about controlling the backlight. Not only On and Off.
Searched the web I found this [2] and [3]. It is very easy based on this work and would like to sharel.

Edit script.bin the fex-tools. Add this lines at the end:
  1. [pwm0_para]
  2. pwm_used = 1
  3. pwm_period = 10000
  4. pwm_duty_percent = 60
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add this line at the end of /etc/modules
  1. pwm-sunxi
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  1. reboot
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Control the backlight now with
  1. echo 100 > /sys/class/pwm-sunxi/pwm0/duty_percent
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  1. echo 10 > /sys/class/pwm-sunxi/pwm0/duty_percent
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Remember 100 means dark, 1 means light, 0 flickers.

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Working very well, thanks a lot.

I did it not on my own bPIs, but an MID A13 tablet and working link a sharme

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Thank you! It works fine!
I'm using BPi M1, Armbian Linux and a LTN101NT06 - Netbook - Display connected to CON2. Using this "HowTo"

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