Bpi won't power sata hard drive

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  I am having a problem where I have a 2.1 amp supply, readouts show max 406mA when idle, and hard drive shuts off the board when I plug in the power.

Here is the drive: ... 1?ie=UTF8&psc=1
really good deal btw..

Datasheet says the drive pulls 900mA, which should be good running off a 2amp supply.
Any advice for troubleshooting?

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I assume you start BPI with the disk already plugged in the SATA connectors (power + data), not that you plug it after because SATA port is not hot swap...
Also you need a compatible SATA cable like this: ... 41&fromuid=1602
Or at least you have to connect SATA power this way: ... 81&fromuid=1602

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Ah, thank you.  The sata cable I got was wired the differently.  I'll fix it and try again.

edit: works!

Please add [solved] to title if you have the chance, thx!

Lol I thought u still had the problem

BpI is not getting the power on the sata data hard drive and this is happening from a very long time. Hp support assistant has also done the configuration on the drive but the power issue was still there

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