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Hi there,I was able to install Raspbian for Bananapi and basically all works fine. one major pain point is that the kernel modules installed are not the same as with the "original" raspbian e.g. reiserfs support is missing. Is there a chance to get the same modules with the next version as we get from the original raspbian?

Raspberry Pi use linux kernel 3.12.2, but Banana Pi is 3.4.90. The are different, as the sunxi opensource is stable at 3.4.90.

jeah sure, but why are so many the modules missing?

Reply 3# holger

Some drivers are directly complied into kernel, so no relative modules for such drivers

Hi Tony,
I filed an issue in the sunxi kernel: https://github.com/linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi/issues/198

It seems like the lemaker distribution just does not add the reiserfs support. Can you change this with future versions?

I see. Lemaker will fix

+1 please also add btrfs

AND please release uBoot/kernel/modules as separate "update" package for download (as long as the drivers are not fully GPLed)

Reply 6# tony_zhang

   Better if Lemaker allows us to fix it ourselves... seriously. We need the code.

Reply 8# nnn2

You will get the source code soon. It is under planning now

Reply 9# tony_zhang

   Thank you. Sorry to be so hostile about it, but right now it's pretty useless for me

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