[BananaPro] Crackling on Audio Jack output

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Already at startup the BananaPro is generating crackles on the audio output.
I think this could be as I read somewhere you can output video over it.
So my question is in fact how to deactivate the video output to the 3.5 plug in case that's the problem.
(I think this might be some Sync signal, as it occurs in a like 1 second rythm)
Oh right forgot it, I'm using Lubuntu and upgraded the Kernel with rp-update to Pro compatibility, however I'm sure the problem was there before upgrading

EDIT: OK so I tested it with a composite cable, fact is when I'm connecting Audio left (white) to video (yellow). I get exactly the same crackling. So my problem is how do I turn Video of on 3.5 mm jack?
EDIT2: It's nearly definetly that, I connected the Audio outputs from the composite cable plugged in into the BananaPro directly into my speakers. Now I can't hear anything of that noise.

some progress of disabling the video signal from the av jack?
nessesary for headphone use only


constant clicks in the audio output and HDMI.
Tested on Lubuntu and Android.

What is the problem?

We have found the little problem, we need disable the video signal out. We are now do some modification to solve the bug.

is a hardware problem or software?

We can disable it through software at current, just disable the composite video out in script.bin file.
We have also fixed it in the hardware to make the audio signal to be a AC so that we could not disable the video output.

Hi guys,

I've got a BananaPRO board a couple of weeks ago. So, so far I built an own "distribution" (debian based) with 3.4.103+ kernel, some drivers (WiringPi, CAN4LINUX, and so one). Today I tried to play some mp3 on the board throw headset, but I've got this cracking...

So, how can I disable composite output on my BananaPRO?

Thanks & kind regards.

I anxiously received my BananaPro this week and quickly got it booted using the Fedora 20 image.  After installing several additional PulseAudio packages including the PulseAudio Equalizer, it was time to listen to some audio.  I too heard the crackle (more like a pop) at 1Hz through the analog output TRRS jack shared with the composite video.  I decompiled the script.bin and started looking for the composite video entries and got a bit confused.  The fex format located at: was very helpful but still left me wondering which entires control the composite video.  No matter what I try, the popping continues.

If it is possible to disable the composite video and eliminate the 1Hz pops, please tell us which entries to change in the script.bin.  If there is another way to eliminate the pops through the analog audio jack, please let us know.  Otherwise, I will have to return the BananaPro and move to another single board computer with better analog audio output.

Having the same issue running Android... Any news on this topic yet..?

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