[BananaPro] Crackling on Audio Jack output

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I'm also having the same issue on Banana Pro.

Please tell us what to change in script.fex file to get rid of this...

I observed the same problem.   A quiet "tick" every second through the audio/composite port.   I disabled the display in the script.bin file, yet the tick is still present.

disp_init_enable = 0
disp_mode = 0

If it's possible to fix this with the script.bin file, please let us know what the script.fex settings are.   I don't use a display at all.


tvout_used = 0
tvout_channel_num = 1

screen1_output_type = 1
screen1_output_mode = 4

Under Android, it worked to solve the crackle. Next production batch Banana Pro, it will improve the circuit design.

Anyone tested an adapter from 3,5mm Audio without Video? Is there a solution for bananian?

With an usb creative labs sound i solved the problem for the moment ;)

tony_zhang replied at Thu Jul 23, 2015 21:01
tvout_used = 0
tvout_channel_num = 1

For me, this settings doesn't solve the problem . I decompiled script.bin file, edited the lines, recompiled and copied to microSD card. I use latest version of Bananian.

Since I use Banana Pro as music player it's very disappointing. Crackling is very noticeable on speakers on high volume.

I created a new script.bin file with those suggested settings and still hear a click every second from the composite-video-audio-out jack.   Perhaps we're talking about different problems?   In any event, a usb audio dongle is still required for any serious audio playback (or hdmi audio).

Is there a solution for the problem?
I'am using bananian linux 15.08 on a Banana Pi M1+


The problem is the Buschse, 4 Pollig and requires adapter TRRS ... 47010208.4.1.UGyaW9

Confirmed!   I used the cable that came with my old ipod video which has a tip and three rings.  I'm listening to stereo output with no 1hz tick!

thank you!


So the next question is the TRRS cable the OMTP (Left/right/video/ground) or the CTIA standard (Left/right/ground/video)?


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