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Mounting /root from USB device at boot time

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Bananian 14.09 was released yesterday (https://www.bananian.org/download) and the bug is indeed fixed (https://dev.bananian.org/view.php?id=18)

Used this image to boot my existing Raspian distro that was installed on a USB stick...

Well done folks !

Reply 16# tony_zhang

Hi Tony,

You will do this for new version of Lubuntu too?

all image kernel will include this patch in the next release

you can see the LeMaker repo on GitHub, the problem has fixed

Reply 23# tony_zhang

What file (and dependencies) that need to upgrade/update? How to do it?

the issue still persists. how can i fix it?
my setting is:
8GB microsd
80GB 2.5'' via sata or usb (optional usb-drive 4GB)

the boot stucks at waiting for '/dev/mmcblk0p2'

please advice.


mora replied at Mon Mar 2, 2015 10:29
the issue still persists. how can i fix it?
my setting is:

If you want to boot root file system from USB , you need modify the uEnv.txt content.
The line may be look like this root=/dev/sda1

hi, this change cause another error. where to find the log? too much to write it and i dont wanna post a foto.


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