Bananian with Debian Testing available?

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To work around an issue with Owncloud, I need to upgrade to lighttpd >= 1.4.33, which is only available in Debian Testing, not in Stable, not at Debian-Backports.

I  tried several methods to install or build lighttpd from Testing but ended up with unmet dependencies or lots of unwanted upgrades and a very mixed system I don't like.

Is there a Bananian available based on Debian Testing or did someone managed to consistently convert the whole system to Testing while keeping the Bananian kernel?

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simple add
deb testing main contrib non-free and
deb testing/updates main contrib non-free
to sources.list and make
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade -t testing

I did it and it works.




I tried this on a Debian Wheezy Olimex A20 and it failed upgrading udev due to missing kernel features. Great to know it works on Bananian.


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Upgrading to Jessie works but just a few remarks:
- You lose upgrade compatibility (using bananian-update to get the next Bananian release)
- Bananian will move to Jessie/8 when it has been officially released. We are in contact with an Debian ARM kernel maintainer.
- In your sources.list use "jessie" instead of "testing". Otherwise you will never be on a stable branch again.

PS: This ticket added Jessie support to our kernel and was fixed in 14.11:

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Why don't you use Apache? On my Banana PI, I use Apache to run both  OwnCloud and Ampache music server, and both run perfectly well.

It's just a matter of habit. I was running a Seagate Dockstar and a Raspberry Pi before where memory footprint did matter.

BTW, there is a patch ( ... llation_source.html, Section on lighttpd) which solved my problem without upgrading to testing.

Bananian replied at Fri Jan 9, 2015 03:14
Upgrading to Jessie works but just a few remarks:
- You lose upgrade compatibility (using bananian-u ...

Since Debian 8 is now official out, what is the current status of Bananian running officially on Jessie?

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If you want to stay on Wheezy, which is recommended in some complex install cases, change

stable to oldstable ... sources.list.wheezy

and do:

apt-get update

once again.

We are working with codenames in sources.list (wheezy). No need to change anything in Bananian

Regarding Jessie/Debian 8:


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