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After the command (shutdown -h now or poweroff -f) computer just restarts and starts anew.  

Youtube video:

My banana pi has the same issue. It's not possible to shutdown the pi with command. Do you find a solution yet?

I have installed bananian 15.04.

Have you try to use other OS for BananaPro ?

hnsncxy replied at Fri May 1, 2015 18:56
Have you try to use other OS for BananaPro ?

For one day I try a lot of images on different sd cards....every time no success with shutdown -h now.....and today, suddenly, it works again. I don't know the reason...

I have the same problem, and I noticed that the problem is when I have an additional external battery power. Maybe you know how to solve this problem?

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Hi all,

I've got the same problem with a Banana Pi M1.
Bananian does always a reboot, no matter what I do.
I double-checked that this issue doesn't occure on Raspbian.
I'd like to use the onboard RTC for wakeup by soldering a 3V Battery to the BAT1-Pads.
The Raspbian-Kernel doesn't support the onboard RTC correctly, while the Bananian-Kernel isn't able to shutdown the board.


This is fixed in mainline kernel but still you have to power the board via power not OTG USB connector.

Does anyone know in which version of the mainline kernel this problem went fixed?

Right now, I don't get this fine U-Boot working properly: ... amp;extra=#pid94151

Sorry, don't know that.

I have a similar issue, and I saw that the issue is the point at which I have an extra outside battery control. Perhaps you know how to take care of this issue? Dissertation Writing Help

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