USB problem.

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we was having similar problems with 5v 1000mA Power (RPi PSU) when connecting anything to the OTG port the BPi would just die every time and Red LED go out like it was shorting. So we used one of our DC-DC Buck Converters with 12v 1000mA input and set to 5.5v Output and now the BPi runs perfect

we even have XBMC Gotham running perfect streaming HD Movies.. very nice!


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   Which distribution are you using for XBMC?

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I have the same problem with Banana when connecting something with high consumption to USB. PSU capable > 5A, but 5,2V at max. Will try 5,5... Seems we have a bottle neck in design... Schematics would be extremely useful in such case...

Similar problem here. Trying to use 2x Alfa 36H wireless adapters(500mA each) and I am experiencing very low stability(shutdowns/restarts). I am using 2.1A Energizer PSU.

Partially I solved this issue for my implementation (2xRTL_SDR dongles, HDMI_to_VGA adapter, wireless kbd). The main problem I found was big voltage drop (up to 1V on heavy load) on the micro USB power adapter, so it's really good, that SATA power connector is parallel to the main micro USB power connector... The solution - now using dirt cheap DC/DC (LM2596ADJ) + 12V PSU connected to the board not in the mini USB - in SATA power connector. No Vdrops, constant 5,1V on the input, no more sudden shutdowns, shutdowns when Realtek dongle is being connected, even with micro-overclock. My advise for those, who uses USB near full load - check voltage after mini USB power connector, if not ok - use SATA power instead + DC/DC or... just thick wires from PSU.

Another chance is to add additional power input through OTG connector.

Banana Pi can be powered through OTG connector?

See here, related problem and solution, Sorry I didn't find this thread until now.

So it's not a power/current problem as such because if I insulate/cut 5V between bpi and hub everything works fine. With the same power supply!

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Thank you Xnyle. :-) The loop was already suggested on my blog and I wanted to check modified (removed 5V) USB cable, but you confirmed that this is good idea. It would be great if that helped.

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