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Puppy Linux is an extremely lightweight distro that seems to work incredibly well (aside from a few driver pains).

It seems like it would be great for this, but I need to create an image that has the BP specific boot stuff.

Has anyone done this? If not, I'll try to compile something from the .fex files that were posted (it may take some time as I'm in the middle of like 7 projects).
As far I know, this distribution is a binary one and compiled only for x86 : consequently, it won't run on bPI.

Now, you can build a similar system from any other bar-bone distribution and add the same progies as of Puppy.
(similar means you will loose Puppy's specifics scripts as the package manager, and probably the "run from memory" aspect).

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I was pretty sure sources were available...

Looking at the site really quickly though, it doesn't seem like a normal repo. There's some "Puppy Builder."

I'm not as concerned with the kernel or running from memory, which wouldn't be ideal here anyway.

I run if off my HD on my POS desktop I have, here.

I just like the minimalism, like the window manager without going nuts with something like 9wm.

So yeah, that's probably the best idea. The kernel doesn't really interest me that much, as long as it's compiled to be very minimal.

Also, I'm not a huge fan of their package manager. Apt and Yum are much better supported.

I think you can still install .deb packages though.

There is a way to get it on the Banana Pis - through BerryBoot, except I always run into a bug where it shows the desktop twice side-by-side and only using a fourth of the screen's height-wise area, making the text too small to see.

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I tried it to, and thought I was seeing double, LOL. I'd love to see a form puppy linux on Banana Pro like MX-14, lx-pup?

The build is strange.

Another thing I haven't had time to get around to.

I want to, though.

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