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These days I have seen some people are talking about the I2S of A20 in the linux-sunxi mailing list.

I'm working with the Banana Pro board as an Hifi Music Player. Right now i'm using the Lubuntu Image with MPD and my external USB DAC.
--> Work perfect up to 192 kHz/24 bit - MP3, Flac, ....

Can you please specify which usb dac?

Thanks in advance

Hi there
Thanks to Alchemist, he was perfecly right

My i2s dac (diyinhk es9018) works perfectly on the banana pro.
You've got to install this image :
http://mirror.igorpecovnik.com/B ... _wheezy_3.4.106.zip
then :
bin2fex  /boot/bananapro.bin ./bananapi.fex
nano bananapi.fex
near the end of the file, change
i2s_used = 0
i2s_used = 1
since you've edited this file you can turn off the annoying green and blue leds by changing,a few lines below in [leds_para], leds_trigger_1 and leds_trigger_2 to "default-off"
save tehe file then :
fex2bin bananapi.fex /boot/bananapi.bin
shut down your bananapro
wire your dac on the 40 pins header :
pin 35 = LRCK
pin 36 = BCLK
pin 39 = GND
pin 40 = DATA
power your bananapro
The modules are compiled in the kernel, so no need to modprobe them
cat /proc/asound/cards  should give you this :
0 [sunxicodec ]: sunxi-CODEC - sunxi-CODEC
sunxi-CODEC Audio Codec
1 [sunxisndi2s ]: sunxi-sndi2s - sunxi-sndi2s
et voila ! sunxisndi2s is ready to play all your hidef flacs
A big thanks to Igor Pečovnik !

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