[HOW-TO] LeMedia 1.1/ Lubuntu with Touchscreen support

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Edited by ph87 at Tue Jan 13, 2015 17:32

I just want to descibe one way how how you can get your touchscreen working within XBMC...

First I want to say "Thank you" to jogi36de who has tested all scripts and the whole build process!
I've to mention that I didn't develop the patches, I only adapted them for the BananaPi and made the scripts to make to build process easier! And btw. I'm a Noob in programming scripts - but they work

The HOW-TO for LeMedia
  • Download the LeMedia 1.1 Image from here
  • Then start the BananaPi and exit from XBMC
  • Type following into the Terminal:
    1. git clone https://github.com/ptC7H12/bp-touch.git
    2. make
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  • That's all!!!

If you want to build XBMC for Lubuntu
In point 3 you just have to type "make lubuntu" instead of only "make"

How to calibrate the Touchscreen?
  • Download following plugin: click here
  • Unzip it and edit it.  Enter your Screen resolution, in the rows 34/35 of the addon.py file, instead of  the methods e.g.
    1. #self.w = self.getWidth()
    2. #self.h = self.getHeight()
    3. self.w = 800
    4. self.h = 640
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  • Now zip this plugin again and install it in XBMC: Settings->Addons-> Install from ZIP
  • Go to Programs and run the Plugin -> Follow the Instruction on the screen
  • Restart XBMC or maybe sometimes (It may depend on the screen drivers) you only have to unplug the USB-cable of the Touchscreen and plugin again
  • Mostly the screen is still not perfectly calibrated (don't know why,  but for me it mostly worked on the RaspberryPi) then you've to edit the calibration file! You can edit this file with this command:
    1. nano /touch/touchscreen_axes_calib
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    calib_x_d: difference between your finger and mousepointer on the X-axis
    calib_y_d: difference between your finger and mousepointer on the Y-axis
    calib_x_fact: factor of calib_x_d, that means e.g. If the diffence between finger and pointer is on the right side of the screen bigger then on the left you have to adjust this value
    calib_x_fact: factor of calib_y_d, that means e.g. If the diffence between finger and pointer is on the top side of the screen bigger then on the bottom you have to adjust this value
    swap_axes: inverse the axes. E.g. when you move your finger to the right, but the pointer moves to the left, then change value to "1"
    click_confines: The count of pixel to recognize a "click". Less means you have to point more precisely (On my screen I had set this value to "30")

If you're facing any issues regarding the build process, please communicate them here in this thread. Regarding all other issues I can not give any support, cause I don't own the BananaPi myself...

Happy building!
Thank you. Anyone who have the touchscreen can try it ?

Well done!
I've a touchscreen panel. I'll look forward to test it soon


i have tried it and it is great. Everything is fine only you have to play a little bit with the calib file in folder /touch/ to make the calibration 100%

Edited by ph87 at Tue Jan 13, 2015 17:33

I've noticed that I forgot to describe the way how to calibrate the touchscreen...
Is fixed now!

Edited by Frogkiller at Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:43

can you make image of sd card with that xbmc compiled? I waited about 5 hours to compile this and at end when xbmc.bin is linking I got errors like this:
  1. /root/bp-touch/xbmc/xbmc/filesystem/MusicDatabaseDirectory.cpp:154: undefined reference to `CMusicDatabase::CMusicDatabase()'
Copy the Code
now i'm trying to compile it under lubuntu. You got small bug in install-patches-lubuntu script. There should be "/" after install/patcech/lubuntu path.


Edited by ph87 at Sun Jan 25, 2015 18:40

As I wrote in the opener... I don't own the BPi so someone else has to create a image...
Can you post the full error log? (At least the last 20 lines) Sometimes the error is not the main issue -  often they are just following another one...!

Thank you, I'll check the lubuntu patch!

Update: Lubuntu patch issue is fixed!!

well soon I will check if this error apper on lubuntu then I will paste whole error. But there was about 80-100 lines of errors all included this: undefined reference to `CMusicDatabase:' and then different functions/methods from about 20 files. Now I must check why on lubuntu got error when configure is checking for libxslt when I got installed libxslt-1.1 installed.

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