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Hello I just installed successfully a ili9341 tft screen on BananaPi

First update your OS ... images_updated.html

Wiring : ... -raspbmc-fbtft.html

Update Driver

  1. sudo REPO_URI= rpi-update
  2. sudo shutdown -r now
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add in /etc/modules (end of file)

  1. spi-sun7i
  2. fbtft dma=0
  3. fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9341 gpios=reset:25,dc:24,led:18 speed=16000000 rotate=90 bgr=1
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remove spi blacklist  in /etc/modeprobe.d  (2 file ? bpi-blacklist.conf and raspi-blacklist.conf)


test with fbtest

  1. apt-get install libnetpbm10-dev
  2. git clone
  3. cd fbtest
  4. # fb.c - remove #include <asm/page.h>
  5. make
  6. ./fbtest --fbdev /dev/fb2
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  1. con2fbmap 1 2
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and you can show console

for use this screen at boot edit /boot/uEnv.txt and add before rootwait

  1. fbcon=map:2
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or for startX
Create a config file with following contents in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-fbdev.conf:

  1. Section "Device"  
  2.   Identifier "myfb"
  3.   Driver "fbdev"
  4.   Option "fbdev" "/dev/fb2"
  5. EndSection
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Launch :
  1. FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb2 startx
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Enjoy !!
Thank you for that great tutorial. I got my TFT (exactly the one from the wiring scheme) going on arduino, but not on the bananapi. I made the updates/upgrades, the changes in etc and downlaoded the fbtest. But there was no "#include <asm/page.h>". I run make, but with "./fbtest --fbdev /dev/fb2" I get the answer "open /dev/fb2: No such file or directory". In /dev I have only fb0 and fb1.
Without options I get: "root@lemaker:/home/bananapi/fbtest# ./fbtest --fbdev /dev/fb1
Using drawops cfb32 (32 bpp packed pixels)
Available visuals:
  Grayscale 256
  Truecolor 8:8:8:8
Using visops truecolor
Running all tests
test001: PASSED
test002: PASSED
test003: PASSED
test004: PASSED
test005: PASSED
test006: PASSED
test008: PASSED
test009: PASSED
test010: PASSED
test011: PASSED
Benchmarking... 10x10 squares: 38.36 Mpixels/s
Benchmarking... 20x20 squares: 60.68 Mpixels/s
Benchmarking... 50x50 squares: 81.61 Mpixels/s
Benchmarking... 100x100 squares: 90.87 Mpixels/s
Benchmarking... 200x200 squares: 94.37 Mpixels/s
Benchmarking... 500x500 squares: 100.85 Mpixels/s
test012: PASSED
With options fb0 or fb1 I get in the end:"... test012: PASSED
ioctl FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO: Invalid argument
Caught signal 11. Exiting
Speicherzugriffsfehler" (=memory access error)
The screen is black all the time and as I said, the screen is working on arduino.
Than this:
"root@lemaker:/home/bananapi/fbtest# con2fbmap 1 2
ioctl FBIOPUT_CON2FBMAP: Invalid argument"
root@lemaker:/home/bananapi/fbtest#  con2fbmap 1
console 1 is mapped to framebuffer 0
Where is the mistake?
Thank you, Deutz

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I used Raspbian and it worked !!!Thank you c_lacata

Thanks for sharing this information with us. I would love to hear more from you on this topic. I have seen your post in site Edubirdie. I am glad, i have found your post. Keep sharing informative post.

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