eth0: no PHY found

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Is this a hardware fail?

maybe it's a hardware prob.

You can try to run mii-tool (is in the net-tools package) or mii-diag or in the nictools-pci are also some diagnostic tools, maybe one works.

Another idea would be to look into dmesg, maybe there are some messages that give helpful hints whats going on. Or try to run lspci or lshw might give some helpful info.

You should be a little more elaborate what your problem is

I have had my Banana Pi for a while, and then I found that the it was no longer on the network.

On investigating I saw that board has a flashing green light on the board. Also there are no lights on the network port. I thought the  SD card was corrupted, but plugging in a hdmi cable I could see that it all boots fine. Just to be sure I burned Bananian on another SD card.

From dmesg I see the following on boot:
12.45...    eth0 device ma address etc ...
12.47...    sunxi_gmac: probed
12.48....   eth0: no PHY found

RTNETLINK: No such device or address
network down

ifconfig shows only the loopback

ifconfig -a shows eth0

lshw and lspci do not seem to be on the Bananian release. And I cannot not install any packages as I have no network.

I am almost certain this is a hardware fail, just wondered if anyone had seen this

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screig replied at Wed Jan 14, 2015 15:55
I have had my Banana Pi for a while, and then I found that the it was no longer on the network.

You will also get the message 'no PHY found' when you used an inappropriate script.bin file. I didn't check whether the PIN definitions for the Ethernet PHY differ between Pi and Pro but if they do and you chose the wrong hardware model or exchanged script.bin on your own you might run into this problem.

BTW: lspci won't work since there is neither PCI nor PCIe on a Banana Pi. The PHY is connected using RGMII. And the A20's pinout connections are defined in script.bin (built from the corresponding fex files that describe hardware capabilities as well as configuration:


I think this is defn a hardware fail then, tried with a number of different images and all returning this error.  What a shame, it was all going so well!

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screig replied at Thu Jan 15, 2015 09:54
it was all going so well!

If you haven't attached many power hungry bus-powered USB devices then an USB-Ethernet-adapter might be a possible solution? Eg. one with the Asix AX88178? Will be slower due to USB 2.0 but since the onboard Ethernet NIC isn't able to saturate GBit Ethernet as well without heavy tuning and multiple parallel TCP/IP connections performance won't decrease that much in normal workload situations.

Maybe this list is of some help:

thanks but think I will buy the pro. If that fails so soon will be quite disappointed

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