hostapd not working with 8192cu kernel module

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I really like the BPi-R1, really sweet packages.

Tyying to turn my BPi-R1 into a wireless router. this requires to get hostapd working, which fails with the image 15.01.

I found this link,
which suggests to build a new hostapd and a new update rt8192cu driver module.

though for the build enviroment for the bananian linux I am missing /lib/modules/3.4.104+/build and kernel headers fro 3.4.104+.

Where can I find the missing pieces? Can I download those packages?

I am more than happy to make my enhancements available once I figure it out.

Yes of course you can download this:
linux-headers is the package

I looked but I can't find the linux-headers. Secondly the is the build script missing that typically comes with the kernel packages.
Anybody ever successfully (re-)build kernel modules on Bananian?
Any directions and/or pointer to the requires data packages and their availability is appreciated.
I have a decent amount of experience on major linux distribution, but I am new to Bananian and how thing are done here.


As far as I know the available linux-headers doesn't fit to the used kernel. It's a modified sunxi kernel.
Please download the modified kernel sources for the BPI-R1 on your BPI-R1 and compile a new kernel. During the "make menuconfig" step choose under the wlan drivers the rt8192cu and disable the other one. It's possible that an "make modules" followed by a "make modules_install" is sufficient, but I haven't tried that. The link to the modified kernel sources for bpi-r1 can be found in this forum.

I don't know, why the 8192cu has been choosen by the bananian maintainer, because the rt8192cu works in my setup flawless. No problems so far with hostapd iw and iwconfig.

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