Banana Pro/Pi 3D/2D Dimension

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Banana Pro/Pi 2D dimensions are provided by LeMaker Team. Banana Pro/Pi 3D solidworks are provided by fugu. Thanks to fugu. He did an excellent work to create the 3D Solidworks file for Banana Pro/Pi.
Anyone who want to build your own cases or the expansion boards can refer to them.

Banana Pro 3D:

Google Drive: ... EE/view?usp=sharing
Mega:!NZ0FlZZZ!k4 ... 1eHIBR70IFnEvMNR6ps

BananaPro 3D.png

Banana Pi 3D:

Google Drive: ... FU/view?usp=sharing
Mega:!8FtkQI6A!hY ... LCLdRRVAa3DkRDvWlyo
Baidu Cloud:

BananaPi 3D.png

Banana Pro 2D:
Banana Pro 2D.jpg
Banana Pro Dimension.pdf (216.21 KB, Downloads: 325)
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Very nice, thanks Tony and Fugu !

HWL_Stouf replied at Wed Jan 14, 2015 21:00
Very nice, thanks Tony and Fugu !

  it is our pleasure

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Thank you. I have been googling for two days for dimensions, and forgat to chech forum. Stupid ....
On both 2D dimensions you forgat do draw HDMI connector.

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