Pi Pro - hw-config is: BananaPi Q: Do I wanna change it?

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Dear friends and users of bananian,

thank you for reading this!
Please excuse my language above, I was just trying to reduce the length of this thread-title.

  • hardware

I own  a Banana Pi Pro. My Power Source is a TP-LINK UH720 7-Port USB 3.0 HUB + 2 powerports (2,4A)
My SD-Card is a Samsung Memory 32GB EVO MicroSDHC UHS-I Grade 1 Class 10 Memory Card (up to 48MB/s) with SD Adapter.
My keyboard is a Perixx Periboard-716DE.
  • problem

During configuration-process of bananian-1501, I'm stuck at this question:

Your current hardware configuration is: BananaPi
Do you want to change it? (y/N)

Since I have a banana pi pro, I'm wondering if just BananaPi is the correct answer to this.
Any idea? Simply searching the internet didn't solve my problem yet.
Thank you again for reading! Happy to read from you and don't hesitate to give me further infos on how to get startet.

  • other goals

My goals by the way with this bananian pi pro are:
  • samba-server
  • ssh-server [check]
  • mysql-server
  • web-server (apache is easier for me than nginx)
  • hardening, portknocking, etc.
  • plug-mount and umount external harddrives with ext4 and ntfs either with auto-fs or udev, perhaps even with
  • somehow reducing read and write operations on sd-card in order to extend the health of my sd-card.
  • perhaps voip (gemeinschaft 5.0 or freepbx, don't know yet)
  • UPS with (APCUPSD)
  • personal mail server
  • cron-based rsync-backups of other linux-clients to external harddrives
  • perhaps more, depends on how much CPU is left then

I don't know if I should write that in my own blog or document everything here in an own thread. Any suggestions?
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I found something in
  1. # less /usr/local/bin/bananian-config
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  1. echo -e "---------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
  2. echo -e "Your current hardware configuration is: ${BANANIAN_PLATFORM}"
  3. echo -n "Do you want to change it? (y/N) "
  4. read CHANGE
  5. if [ "$CHANGE" = "y" ]; then {
  6.         echo -e ""
  7.         bananian-hardware
  8.         echo -e ""
  9. } fi
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that leads to:
  1. # less /usr/local/bin/bananian-hardware
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  1. # get Bananian platform (default: BananaPi) and version
  2. [ -f /etc/bananian_platform ] && BANANIAN_PLATFORM=$(cat /etc/bananian_platform) || BANANIAN_PLATFORM="BananaPi"
  3. [ -f /etc/bananian_version ] && BANANIAN_VERSION=$(cat /etc/bananian_version) || BANANIAN_VERSION=140801

  4. if [ $BANANIAN_VERSION -lt 150101 ]; then {
  5.         echo -e "\033[0;31mThis version of bananian-hardware requires Bananian Linux 15.01 (or later). Exiting\033[0m"
  6.         exit
  7. } fi

  8. # prepare tmp dir
  9. TMPDIR=$(mktemp -d)
  10. cd $TMPDIR

  11. # mount /dev/mmcblk0p1
  12. mkdir ${TMPDIR}/mnt
  13. mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 ${TMPDIR}/mnt

  14. # fex dir
  15. FEXDIR="${TMPDIR}/mnt/fex"

  16. # read available fex configurations
  17. RADIOLIST=()
  18. for FEX in ${FEXDIR}/*
  19. do
  20.         FEX=$(basename $FEX)
  21.         if [ "$FEX" = "$BANANIAN_PLATFORM" ]; then {
  22.                 RADIOLIST+=("$FEX" "" "ON")
  23.         } else {
  24.                 RADIOLIST+=("$FEX" "" "OFF")
  25.         } fi
  26. done

  27. # show dialog
  28. BANANIAN_PLATFORM=$(whiptail --title "Bananian hardware configuration" --radiolist \
  29.         "\nPlease select your Banana board:" 20 78 10 \
  30.         "${RADIOLIST[@]}" \
  31.         3>&1 1>&2 2>&3)

  32. if [[ $BANANIAN_PLATFORM = *"OTG"* ]] || [[ $BANANIAN_PLATFORM = *"otg"* ]]; then {
  33.         if ! (whiptail --title "Warning" --yesno "Enabling OTG can lead to an unbootable system!\nTo avoid this issue please make sure you use the 'DC in' port for power supply\nin combination with a reliable 2 A power adapter\n\nDo you want to continue?" 12 85); then {
  34.                 BANANIAN_PLATFORM=""
  35.         } fi
  36. } fi

  37. # verify selection and set correct script.bin
  38. if [[ -z $BANANIAN_PLATFORM ]]; then {
  39.         echo -e "\033[0;31mNo platform selected. exiting!\033[0m"
  40. } else {
  41.         if [[ -f ${FEXDIR}/${BANANIAN_PLATFORM}/script.bin ]]; then {
  42.                 cp ${FEXDIR}/${BANANIAN_PLATFORM}/script.bin ${TMPDIR}/mnt/script.bin
  43.                 echo $BANANIAN_PLATFORM > /etc/bananian_platform
  44.                 echo -e "Hardware configuration has been set to: ${BANANIAN_PLATFORM}. Please reboot your system!"
  45.         } else {
  46.                 echo -e "\033[0;31mscript.bin not found. exiting!\033[0m"
  47.         } fi
  48. } fi

  49. # clean up
  50. umount ${TMPDIR}/mnt && rm -rf $TMPDIR
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So since I don't see anything about Banana Pi Pro, NO, I don't want to change my current hardware configuration. It is BananaPi, am I mistaken?

Use bananian-config and switch to Banana-Pro


Thank you for your helpfull reply! Did that right away.
  1. # cat bananian_platform
  2. BananaPro
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But ifconfig still doesn't show any wlan device yet. lspci doesn't exist either. What was changed with changing from hardware configuration BananaPi to BananaPro?
Thank you again for reading!

Q: Why is there no wlan0 interface on Banana Pro?
A: You have to select the Banana Pro in 'bananian-hardware' and add 'ap6210' to /etc/modules to enable WiFi.


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There is no "Banana Pi Pro".
There is a "Banana Pi" and a "Banana Pro". Choose the right configuration and add the module to /etc/modules as described on

Sorry I don't see, where I can choose Banana Pi Pro.  I attached a screenshot.



The proper name is BananaPro ,  not Banana Pi Pro.

So you will see two possibilities  for BananaPro.

Choose BananaPro-OTG if you have a special dongle for  micro USB

Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it!!
@don570: You are completely right. Sorry for not being precise:
I have two "female" micro-usb-"ports" on my Banana Pro. One micro-USB-"Port" on one short side for power-out (OTG) and one micro-USB-"port" for power input on the long side, just next to SATA2-Port. I've copied the picture from
So do I understand you correctly, I should choose BananaPo-OTG, since I have that
special dongle for micro USB
on one short side of my Banana Pro, right next to reset and power button?



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herrmeier replied at Sat Jan 17, 2015 14:43
Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it!!
@don570: You are completely right. Sorry for n ...

The hardware is the same regarding micro usb ports, all have two, one of them is OTG. If you decide to use it for your dongle select proper config option.

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