Banana Pi does not start

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Good evening. I would like to immediately apologize for my English - but this is not my native language, and ask the question in another place I had nowhere.

From my Banana Pi happened incomprehensible. I set up remote access to a banana at SSH - all was well once again have to restart banana. Reload banana reboot command using to communicate with bananas PuTTY. More than a banana is not loaded. When power is applied the red light is on, the green LED does not indicate anything. When connected to a TV - no signal on all HDMI ports. Tried all OS images. Tried different memory card - microSD (TFlash) and SD-card - 4. 6 and 10 classes. Results - zero. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance.
Have you checked your power supply? tested an second one? 2Ampere?


Power checked - everything fits. This is the source of 5V 1000mA, as well as other source 5V 2000mA and checked when powered by usb port 5V 1000mA. The result is - a banana does not start.

Look for answers on the Internet came across this one manual: BROM Decided to apply power to the port OTG and see how my computer will accept a connection.

- With SD card in slot and holding the U-Boot button
- Without SD card in the slot and holding the U-Boot button
- Without SD card in the slot and without pressing the U-Boot button
In all three variaetah enable the system determines a new device with VID: 1f3a PID: efe8

- With the SD card in the slot and not pressed the button u-Boot - system on the PC does not detect new devices.
Banana does not start with any of the images. SD card tried to change - no effect. Could this be the problem (mechanical) with the card reader on the BPI board?

Have you tried using the Serial adapter and checking where in boot its failing?
The Serial to USB cable should be pretty cheap to buy. connect it to your PC and monitor where its stopping during boot

Using PuTTY and cable PL2303 was established cause of malfunction Banana. Attempts to heat soldering hairdryer were fruitless. [It is a pity, but because there were so many plans for the construction of a miniature home server.


The error message means the DDR broken in your Banana Pi.
Please try another SD card to make sure the broken. And if get the error again, please contact the seller for replacing a new one.

Tried to boot a banana as a memory card and without it - the same boot log - error memory. Seller wrote that my banana board from booting. But the seller did not say anything. And it seemed that such a decent and normal dealer, but it turned out - as always on Aliexpress...

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