One day Bpi seem dead, cannot boot

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Just got my Bpi, 1) load raspbian OS boot, ok
2) Plug in Keyboard and mouse, boot up and got alot of error and locked root user and etc
3) reboot without keyboard and mouse , also with same error again
4) change sdcard of Lubuntu also cannot boot
5) use win32 software and restore two cards with raspbian os and try to boot, surprising seem to load Lubuntu with ask to log in, however my keyboard and mouse cannot work so change card
6) After change card also load Lubuntu will ask to log in so power off again
7) Unplug everything and put a case to Bpi
Format two card again using SDFormatter all over again and copy raspbian os on both cards after that.
8) this round Start up only red light, change another card also same problem
9) Take up the two card to Raspberry Pi, boot up with no error on both card
10) Plug the two cards back to Bpi, nothing again only red light.
Please Help
if the cards boot on raspberry pi, then they are raspberry pi images.

You need banana Pi images ;

vk4tux Posted at 2014-7-9 09:47

They are banana pi image and can boot up in both

Try another card  on lubuntu and able to boot, will try to downoad a brand new raspbian os and try again.
Does class 4 card have any problem to boot up?

To conclude everything, It seem Banana Pi is very picky about SD card, if it does not boot after write the image with .img extension, most likely is the card is not accepted by Bpi. I could not explain cause the three card, one microsd with adaptor - only work twice and never boot (no brand), one standard SD card not boot up (Kingston), and one standard SD card can work on 2 OS (Toshiba). All of them are class 4. The toshiba card is more newer than the other two only.

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   Ok so you left the noobs and recovery images in there. First thing i did was r ...
vk4tux Posted at 2014-7-10 20:38

The banana raspian os does not come with noobs.

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