Disconnect USB Port after much hours

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Hello together
System:Raspbian version 3.4.103
I use the bananapi with the CSL Wifi stick(Realtek) on the OTG port.
it works much hours and then no Ip adress is available.
In the system log, the USB port is disconnected after error. After reboot the stick works again for some hours.
This disconnection is independently from stick and USB port.
I tested three different WIFI sticks and all USB ports. Same problem.
I hope someone can help please.

extract from logfile:
lemaker kernel: [46001.463799] WRN2289(/home/bananapi/bananapi/lemaker-bsp/linux-sunxi/drivers/usb/sunxi_usb/hcd/core/sw_hcd_host.c):ERR: sw_hcd_host_rx, end 2 RX proto error(0x204)


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