Wifi dongle able to manage ad-hoc mode

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Edited by AlterX at Mon Jan 19, 2015 04:26

Hi all,
I am trying to have a wifi in ad-hoc mode. Despite I am not having any error, I can't see the wifi network from within a pc ( should wifi adapter be compatible to see ad-hoc wireless? )
I am trying to achieve this using TP-LINK TL-WN725N wifi dongle (well configured under bananian, without installing any other things).
I read on some forums that this dongle is not able to real manage ad-hoc mode. If this is true, do you know which dongle is working out-of-the-box or which driver should I have to use to get my dongle worked?

Reading here: you will see that adapter is working well acting as access point, but not in ad-hoc mode (to achieve this I should use nl80211 driver). To use this driver I thought to use ndiswrapper, but I wonder if there is another native way to do this.

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