Speeding up Lubuntu desktop

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Hi all, I pinched this from the Odroid forums, but if you're finding that dragging around large windows seems rather slow, do the following:

1. Install the metacity window manager "sudo apt-get install metacity"
2. Set metacity to be the default window manager. From the task bar menu on the far left "Preferences->Default applications for LXSession" This will pull up an application "LXSession configuration". Click on the "Core applications" tab. In the "Window Manager" box, replace openbox with metacity. Save & log out, then log back in. Window related actions should be a bit quicker.

I just tried metacity and it is indeed a _much_ fast and snappier window manager. Should be default in the next build.

Reply 1# shocking

How do you close windows? After installing metacity the close icon in right upper corner disapeared.

Reply 4# mamiko

    The keys "Alt+F4" may close selected applications.

Reply 5# Shaka_Flex
Thank you for the link.

I still have the close icons with metacity...

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