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[Banana Pro + 3.5" HDD] project

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Hi all!

I just wanted to present you my little project.

  • Banana Pro
  • Toshiba 3,5" 2TB
  • hard drive power supply with a set of cables
  • 5V 2A microUSB power supply

  • a colured plexi plate (to avoid disco light all night long I didn'b buy plexiglass but a little softer, thiner and matte-coloured inflated plexi plate (? don't know the correct english name) )
  • a set of bolt distances male-female (LINK): 8x 10mm(supports), 4x 18mm (bananaPi), 4x 30mm (HDD)
  • some M3 bolts and M3 nuts
  • scalpel for cutting the plexi
  • sandpaper p100 (should have bought thinner)

And the result is:

My Banana config is:
  • -> Raspbian for Banana Pro
  • -> files moved form SD card to a system partition on HDD
  • -> Samba for a network drive
  • -> Deluge Daemon for a torrent client (I will change it with rTorrent as soon as I manage to configure it -_-)
  • -> Deluge for Windows as a remote GUI for Deluge running on Banana
  • -> Wifi connectivity
  • -> SSH + Putty

I still need to buy an ethernet cable to connect Banana directly to my desktop machine (Samba can be set to work only on one network interface only). My router is 54MBit-kind-of-crap  and the max speeds I achive when moving my files desktop <-> Banana is 1,3MB/s which is really poor.

I hope you enjoyed.
I'm really sorry for my poor english
Cool & simple. I like it!

A Oneplus One owner i see

former owner, my OPO 64 was stolen All I was left with is a charger and a cable

No way!!

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