Minidlna and usb external hard drive problem

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I installed minidlna and this works very well (I checked my smart tv lg), the problem arises when I connect my external hard drive usb with my media files (previously added in the minidlna.conf file) minidlna can not open this it appears one message "permission denied". The hard drive is 320 GB and is in fat32 format, which I think is the problem.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thank You
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Hi Astrix,

Well I guess you already pinpointed the problem - miniDLNA cannot access the folder "permission denied"

Just for testing if it is the file permission, go to the usb drive (eg. cd /media/USBDRIVE/) and set chmod 777 on all directories and files.

  1. chmod -R 777 ./
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