[ Setup and Installation ] Running Pi_Scratch_273-B+ on Banana Pi / Pro

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The well known Pi_Scratch_273-B+ is now available for the Banana Pi and Banana Pro. You just have to follow some simple modifications as in the following:

1. Active your Scratch in MESH mode.
You'll find the detailed process here. TO SAVE your client Scratch permanently, you just have to run with higher prior:
        $ sudo Scratch

2. Make sure your I2C and SPI drivers are enabled. (Put # in front of blacklist to comment it)

        $ sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-blacklist.conf

3. Add i2c-dev, spidev, spi-sun7i in /etc/modules

        $ sudo nano /etc/modules

4. The WebIOPi is a powerful lib for Raspberry Pi, before installation, we need to change the CPU info file under the directory:

        $ cd /Pi_Scratch_v273/Installer/WebIOPi-0.6.0/python/native

Download the newest version  of cpuinfo.h and cpuinfo.c from GitHub Lemaker RPi.GPIO_BP. Replace the mentioned file above with these one.

5. Modify /Pi_Scratch_v273/Installer/ delete the version check, change the installation path to /home/bananapi/
With file /Pi_Scratch_v273/Installer/, you may keep the following lines:

"sudo apt-get install python-setuptools",
"sudo apt-get install python-lirc",
"sudo apt-get install python-smbus",
"sudo python install",
"rm spidev_module.c",
"dir WebIOPi-0.6.0/",
"sudo ./",

Remember that we don't need to download new WebIOPi again.

6. You can also modify the PATH and ICON of desktop files: Scratch-Handler and Scratch-File if you wish to use a desktop starter.
Simply copy them to the /home/bananapi/Desktop folder and put your icons in the correct directory.

NOW you are free to run the and for installation.

        $ cd /Pi_Scratch_v273/Installer/
        $ sudo python
        $ sudo python

Demos of Pi_Scratch are also released, you can have a check in the recent posts.
Have fun !
Great job! Many Thx!

The article you have shared here very awesome.
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Following some of the simple modifications that are mentioned on this page make the Pi_Scratch_273-B+ activation. The clear idea of the modification is available magicard rio pro on the page. The user can follow the information to make the installation appropriate.

I have followed what you instructed, it was really good with the link here

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