Self-compiled kernel doesn't have network connectivity

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I am having trouble using network on any but default, pre-built kernels. The ones you supply in eg. Raspbian images work fine, but if I build them myself using your guide, the network doesn't work.

I tried: voice/sunxi-v3.4.90-r1_bananapi from your repo and 3.4.90 from linux-sunxi. No difference.

I have enabled SUNXI_GMAC, disabled SUNXI_EMAC as per your forum, but that doesn't work. Used both stock script.bin from your Raspbian and self-made one (both work with your kernel, neither work with mine).

The system even detects when I insert/remove the cable, but can't push any packets through, it's not visible in ARP from other host either.

Other question is - how to get EXACTLY the same config as you used? I tried using /proc/config.gz as the base, but my kernel was still different. And my kernel turned out to be 4.4 MB, yours is 5.0 MB. Where's the difference from? How can I build *exactly* the same image? Can you post the .config you used and with which branch?

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The GMAC source code are not released now. We will released it after it is really stable.

But ... what? You already released SOME code, except it's just incomplete or broken. There is no reason not to release - maybe unstable - code that works. The kernel you compiled is working just fine, so I don't see how it's unstable. PLEASE release it, the one used to build binary, I can't use my newly bought banana pi at all because I can not use closed source linux fork. I am building a router/firewall around it so it has to be open.

When do you plan to release it? If it has something to do with licensing, you probably know that kernel is GPL  right?

(sorry I had to register second acc - I can't recover my old for some reason and password no longer works...)

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The GMAC source code are not released now. We will released it after it is really stabl ...
tony_zhang Posted at 2014-7-10 21:55

It won't be more stable if you don't release the code. We are already using it... And not releasing the code will harm Banana Pi. It is already getting bad karma:
The problem with the BananaPi is it is one big GPL violation. It definitely, at least as of now, not an open source platform as they claim it is. The source code for the Linux kernel is not being released and the version on their github does not allow for a functional Gbit Ethernet among other things

(source: ... sions#comment-43818)

If you want to have such great community as Raspberry, with thousands of people throwing their money at the screens you have to make it open source. No one will want banana for their project if they can't even customize it!

Right now it's good for nothing and just sits in my drawer. I can't even use it for multimedia playing (which I use 10x weaker RPi for) because of no hardware acceleration. And there won't be any progress until you release the kernel. Or it'll be too late and someone else will release even better board but this time open. I can't use it for networking, since there is no working ethernet. I can't use your kernel either, because it's going to be firewall/vpn appliance, and I will need to put custom patches in kernel to enable hw accelerated AES. Yes, someone is working on it already.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to use banana, I love what it has on board and for the price. But you're deliberately crippling it and making useless!

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Well. I have the exact same problem . This is a pity,  this board is cheap and great, but without open-source GMAC patch it's useless, because I need a custom kernel.
Could you please release a proper patch soon ?


Sorry for all. We really want to release the code as soon as possible. Please give us some time. I think we can release a alpha source code that network works. Please give us sometime to discuss this. Sorry again.

Sure, I'm patient. :-) Just want you to realize, that the more data you provide, the more feedback you will get back. It doesn't have to be perfect, let it be something. Just publish scripts how to build on github and... accept pull requests.

I probably won't help much with kernel, but I have pretty much Linux experience and can help with images (especially with headless ones). And seeding (torrents are very good for publishing images).

Important thing is you cannot release just some alpha source code. You have to release the same source code which is used to build images. That's what GPL requires and this is crucial to build strong community.

Even alpha fix of the GMAC driver will help!

there is a linux-sunxi mailinglist that can assist in further development.

Trying to sell the banana pi as 'just another' board is not going to get it very far. The reason the Cubieboard, and cubietruck are successful is because they released the source code from the get go.

I've sold my board out of frustration and complete uselessness!

+1, I bought this device because I want to hack it, not to wait for lemakers grace.

Because there is no btrfs and reiser4 support I was going to compile my own kernel, but after reading this, I will have to put my newly bought bpi into the drawer and wait. Even if it is quite cheap, currently for me a total waste of money ;-(

Please release whatever you have ASAP

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