【DEMO2】Control the LN-Digital board with scratch on Banana Pro

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Note: LN-Scratch and LN-Scratch-Handler software will be released on Banana Pi website
          We can see the [ Setup and Installation ] First Release of LNdigitals Softwares  on Banana Pro to get the software

1.We should open the file of LN-input-demo after entering the LN-scratch;
2.Open the LN-scratch-Handler software,which is running in background;
3.We see to the LN-Scratch and click the start
  When we press the switch-1,LED-1 brights and the cat rotates 15 degrees  clockwise.
  When we press the switch-2,LED-2 brights and the cat rotates 15 degrees   counterclockwise.
      Output:LN-output-2=LED-2 (40.31 KB, Downloads: 5)
Great job! Many Thx!

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