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Hello there,

I just received my Banana PI, I installed Raspberian 3 Banana PI, but I can not load the wire modules - w1-gpio - w1-therm, following commands:

modprobe w1-therm
modprobe w1-gpio
modprobe wire

If I do lsmod:

Module Size Used by
8192cu 453451 0

Is there a special way to load modules?

Thank you for your reply.

Here is an example. Maybe you need modified the script.bin file.

Thank you for your reply,

I made the change, but unable to load modules and wire w1 is certain when you make kernel, they were validated? And especially to the correct version?

because when I look at:

/ lib/modules/3.12.22 + / kernel / net / wireless
/ lib/modules/3.12.22 + / kernel / drivers / net / wireless
/ lib/modules/3.12.22 + / kernel/drivers/w1/wire.ko
/ lib/modules/3.4.90/kernel/net/wireless
/ lib/modules/3.4.90/kernel/drivers/net/wireless

It seems to me that we are in kernel 3.4.90

Thank you.


Reply 2# tony_zhang

Hi Tony,

A question about 1-wire and DS18B20.
I found this wiki page:

I don't see PB10 in Banana Pi GPIO Pin defiinition, on that pin should connect the DS18B20 sensor?

Best regards

Reply 4# zippetto

The configure in the wiki is an example. I think we should change to another pin in the script.bin file .

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