Image for Banana-pi no longer available on lemaker.org?

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I see that, now on lemaker.org's download section does not contain images (OS - raspbian, android etc.) for banana-pi, there are images only for banana-pro.

Is the support or attention to "pi" being withdrawn slowly, giving priority to "pro"?

There are images available on google drive only, there is link to "baidu" but I was unable to get the image (no file there), android image on sourceforge - which is smaller and didn't work after download, etc. Google drive does not have broken download 'resume' feature.

Anyway, I was just wondering why the situation is like this. And wanted to know, whether banana-pi is going to be discontinued soon. I like it and it is faster and better than raspberry-pi. This would be bad to see it disappeared. (Why not consider both pi and pro as important, and keep separate download section for each).

Thank you.

Best regards.
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All images for BPI are listed on the top of each distro:
  1. If you want to download the OS image version for Banana Pi, please click here: \
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Just click on the link and you will be redirected to respective BPI image.

Two different boards, two different sellers

Here you can read LeMaker's statement (Banana Pro): http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 2&fromuid=33332
And here SinoVoip's (Banana Pi): http://bananapi.com/index.php/fo ... ious-illegal-action

Fortunately the community exists and software will always be available for both boards: https://www.bananian.org/hardware or http://www.igorpecovnik.com/2014/09/07/banana-pi-debian-sd-image/ (both are headless Debian images but you can simply add a desktop environment since it's Debian).

Thank you all . The links will help I believe. I could not find.

I also did not know about the two different manufacturers of the pi & pro boards. Seems like you killed them well . Well, you can say that these are all open source etc. so sudo killall... I don't know much about law, so let's stop here, and hope for good for all in future.

Thanks again.

Best regards.

As actkk2000 said, all the images for Banana Pi are also can be download from lemaker.org, but you need click to jump into the Banana Pi download pages

My New Image Supports both out of the box

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Thanks a lot. Downloading now, from here (Asus cloud - resume supported, dropbox didn't work - says too much traffic!):


"a1d3s" where is the link of your image? Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Few more questions.

1. Do all the images have gpio control system? Or is it only available to "Raspbian" image? (How can android have it...?!).

2. Is the pin mapping of banana-pi (and pro) for gpio (26 pins) exactly same as raspberry pi? I am waiting for banana-pro to come as completely ok and bug free. Built-in wifi is the nice thing.

3. Is there any guide to add a desktop environment, like lxde, xfce on "bananian"? Bananian is very fast.

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When you install the ported WiringPi stuff then you can access the GPIOs from within every Banana image.

Regarding PIN mapping have a look at: http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 2&fromuid=33332

Regarding a1d3's image have a look here: http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 7&fromuid=33332

If you want to add a desktop environment simply follow the short "apt-get install" guide Igor provided (link above in my previous post). When you want to make use of the GPU think about calling 'bananian-config' to activate RAM reservation for the GPU.


Thanks a lot for the helps!

@tkaiser, now I have understood the pin layout. I thought the structure is like DIP microcontroller, "U" shaped [top -> bottom -> right -> up]. But it is like SMD breakout board, left-right-down... On raspberry-pi pin-3 is gpio-2, while on banana-pi pin-13 (CON-3) is gpio-2. Ok, more on later about pins, now trying to understand the linux part. As always, if something gets fixed, another trouble appears!!!

@a1d3s, downloading your distro now from dropbox.

Best regards.

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