ArchLinux 1.0 For Banana Pi Released

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This is the first version of ArchLinux for Banana Pi. It is based on the latest ArchLinux for Raspberry Pi , and all of the softwares were updated to the latest too. You can find more information about ArchLinux at
The default username and password are root/bananapi, enjoy the OS.


ArchLinux 1.0

ArchLinux 1.0

Release note:
> The ArchLinux version is based on the newest ArchLinux for Rospberry Pi;
> Kernel version is 3.4.90;
> Updated all of the softwares to the latest version ;
> Added the led driver and the user-defined green will blink like "heartbeat";
> Added i2c-sunxi and i2c-dev driver to modules;
> Added the spi-sun7i driver to modules;
> OTG was disable by default in order to improve the  fluency;
> Added support to HID deviece, such as Logitech K400r;
> root/bananapi are the default login account;
> Changed root password to bananapi;
> Fix some other bugs and add some other drivers;
> After shutdown, the board can not cut off the power completely, you should press the power key to cut off the power;
> HDMI maybe has no video out, just plug out and plug in again.

ArchLinux 1.0 Release (780 Bytes, Downloads: 70)
Nice work. Thanks.
Just one question, why you have taken the raspberry version as base ?
The raspberry's arch is ARMv6 while banana's arch is ARMv7.
On the site, archlinux offer the "ArchLinuxARM-sun7i-latest".

The raspberry's arch is ARMv6 while banana's arch is ARMv7

I agree with Muf. If you base your image on the Arch image for Cubieboard 2, it has same SoC, GPU and bootloader as Banana Pi. That must be the place to start.

From what I read in, the Gigabit ethernet driver is going to be the problem.

Yes its a nice work.

I tried many things but I am unable to get an Wifi-Stick working, it is an RTL-Chip based one just run fine on Raspian.

Changing from DHCP to fixed IP does not work. Maybe it has something to do with the new kernels systemd/sysctl commands.

I dont know how to permanently mount an SATA-Hd. Using fstab gives me bad results.

Looking forward to next Android release

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Hi ,muf ,thanks for your attention.  As for your concerns about ARM architecture , I only used the File System of archlinux for Raspberry Pi , the kernel and drivers are ourselves , they are suitable for BananaPi. Of course , I have to recognize that there may be some optimize problems while using the archlinux for raspberry pi to make our image for banana pi .  After a short while , we will make some changes of archlinux 1.0 to release a new image . Thanks for your attention again...

I am trying to make a image with as source "ArchLinuxARM-sun7i-latest"

This is great!

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[HOWTO] Archlinux : installation and configuration on BPi

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Very details!!! Thanks muf. I think you can copy this into a new wiki page. It is very useful for newbie!

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