7 Inch TFT Touch Screen LCD Monitor from sain smart

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I am now with 3 cores and added ram. I modified the memory ulimits and I am increasing slowly trying to stay under the vmware server physical memory

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How much total ram have you?

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I already did a couple of attempts it is not so slow even with two cores.  (the machine has been installed to do just the android compilation task since I don't want ubuntu on any of my physical machines and moreover I don't want an ubuntu with an unsafe java version installed and a downgraded version of make).
on my physical machines I have debian and gentoo.

on the server while the ubuntu is compiling....
free -m
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:          3960       3798        161       2079          6       2953
-/+ buffers/cache:        838       3122
Swap:         8184       1894       6290

on the ubuntu I have actually 2 gigas

for now is going on
fingers crossed

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Just finishing to build, success. (and same error message as you, at the begining)
About 1 hour with an i5 desktop and 8Go ram !

looking good it is still going on.... I feel optimistic
time for now is not an issue as long as it doesn't fail

if it goes on I guess I will write a manual

Yes, but I think it's not finished to enable the modules you have build...
In the tutorial, mattrix says, at the end:
"Some interesting files & folders to play with"

-> look at the init.sun7i.rc file
you can load modules here with insmod

... and run ./build_pack.sh when it's done ?

I make some try

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