7 Inch TFT Touch Screen LCD Monitor from sain smart

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nada it ramdomly crashes.... can I ask you to compile an img for me with bluetooth and touchscreen please?

I don't think I can do that, because I don't have the material.
I try to have wifi and even if the kernel is build, it doesn't work...

You should install Ubuntu in physical (create a little partition in your disk) or use Debian for that.

the only way to have wifi is to buy the pro model (like I did). wifi works like a charm on the banana pro under android

I have not Banana, but Orange Pi (also A20 chip)
But it's not the same wifi module, and there's no sources disponible for Orange Pi Android.
So I can't add the touchsreen driver with this pre-compiled version...

if you do it I can test

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Ok, I will give you a link. But this one is just to try touchscreen, because wifi will not work (build for rtl8188eu, succeed!)
I send to dropbox, when it's done I give you the link

Here is the link: bpi_android_egalax.img
It's just for testing !!

gaara replied at Sun Feb 22, 2015 04:21
Here is the link: bpi_android_egalax.img
It's just for testing !!

thank you very much

has it bluetooth too ?

no, just touch screen

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