7 Inch TFT Touch Screen LCD Monitor from sain smart

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Edited by gaara at Mon Feb 23, 2015 14:52

I don't know... I havn't the touchscreen to test.
For the start log, I have installed a termial (in google play, choose the first one) and
  1. su    # to be root
  2. dmesg
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Ok, I just start to build your image, with TC & Bluetooth. It make ~2h + upload.
If you find a good apk for calibration, tell me !

thank you we'll get out of this pinch.
later I am thinking about trying with lollipop

Edited by gaara at Mon Feb 23, 2015 15:16

It should be great! but until we havn't the source from LeMaker  it should be complicate...

let's first begin to understand how it's done using the official repo then we'll see

The compilation has failed, you should say me what is EXACTLY your bluetooth driver if you want I try again...

I just have enabled everything builtin except bnep (which is the bluetooth networking that I don't need). and it compiled .... which error does it give you ?

Edited by gaara at Tue Feb 24, 2015 13:37

Ok, the error was... disk full !!

But I need to know a name for the driver to load the .ko file at the startup.
For egalax, it's egalax_ts.ko, but for bluetooth I don't know... Try to find the chipset of your device and then the name of the driver should be easy to find.

if you compile it builtin you don't need to insmod nor modprobe it becomes part of the main kernel image and gets to be loaded automatically under linux (that's the reason I don't understand why it's not working)

to know the names of the modules you just need to select the "help" menuconfig option while selecting each module it will give you the details. disk full means that you need to make space not that the compilation fails

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