BananaPi's ethernet is slow and has high packet loss

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I tried to make all necessary changes to Arch Linux ARM to fully support BananaPi.
Unfortunately there's one big problem left.
The ethernet port gets initialised but it is slow and has a high package loss.

What do I need to fix this? Are there any patches for the driver?

Thanks in advance
I've been asking and asking for the past three weeks, with no joy!

This is a typical chinese company - everything is a trade secret

The GMAC linux kernel driver needs to be modified so that the PHY power line gets initialised, plus a few other tweaks - badger Tony Zhang - good luck with that hehehe

Why can't you just release you alpha patch/driver/whatever.

30% of the forum entries exist solely because ppl are unable to build their system and that's because you are holding back the important stuff.

"You will receive something soon", "Lemaker is discussing", etc...

What is there to discuss? Just release it and no longer violate the GPL!

Reply 4# Xnyle

I saw Github just go public...

Banana Pi source code can now be available from https://github.com/LeMaker

Thanks, compiling ...

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