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Designed a box for bananapi-pro

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Got the bananapi-pro before two weeks ago,but the BPi-pro is always running without any protect shell.So I disigned an acryl protect shell for BPi-pro. picture as bellow.......
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Sorry!I can't upload picture just now,maybe the web sever have problem.

Sometimes we need click the upload button many times.

finnaly done!!!!

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Great job!

Can you please move this to Cases section under Projects board?
Thank you!

Edit: moved - thx!

smallfivecn replied at Wed Jan 28, 2015 19:13
finnaly done!!!!

I hope you will never use your Pro extensively longer than just a few minutes since the thermal design of your case is problematic (applies to nearly all the other available cases too).

All the 'hot stuff' is on the lower side of the PCB and when there's no air flow possible the chips get unnecessarily hot. Have a look at this thread: 20°C less after installation of a small fan that cools down the lower side: http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 7&fromuid=33332

And you won't need a fan if you accept the thermal challenges the BPi and Pro introduced (no other single board computer puts SoC, RAM and PMU on the PCB's lower side) and let convection work for you.

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I just turn my Pi upside down.
That way heat rises off the main IC.

Have had one BPI running constantly for months as a NAS inside a small computer desk cupboard.
No problems.
Also been having 30 degree Celsius days here lately and hasn't missed a beat.

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mattrix replied at Wed Feb 4, 2015 01:44
I just turn my Pi upside down.
That way heat rises off the main IC.

The 'main IC' isn't that important. It's the AXP209 -- the power management unit -- that features

  • an "integrated over / under voltage (OVP / UVP), over temperature (OTP), overcurrent protection (OCP) circuit."
  • an "over-temperature shutdown control register"

Its temperature scales almost linearly with both system load and the amount of power provided to peripherals or integrated stuff like a Wi-Fi chip. All available enclosures except of the BanaNAS ignore this fact and create the risk of a sudden shutdown or CPU crashes and/or data corruption under high load (NAS useage normally isn't high load) since they deny the need for at least some airflow around PMU and SoC (and DRAM as well).

It's pretty easy to test the behaviour under heavy load using eg. the 'stress' utility. I did this when I started some research to operate SBCs under worst case conditions: http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 7&fromuid=33332


How did you go about cutting/shaping the plastic?

I've been trying to add a bunch of stuff but I have found that's the hardest part.

Luckily, the one I got is acrylic and stacks, so I just ordered another one. The CPU is elevated so I don't think it will overheat.

I've been trying to figure out the best way to add a screen, though.

I have a 7" and a 3.5" (or it might be 5", I forget) but neither is a really good fit.

If I could work something around the 7" then maybe.

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