KODI + Android 4.2 + DVD

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Hi all,
I am now using My BPI as mediacenter for several month now and I work like a charm with KODI out-of-th-box, as well as 1080P as for 3D SBS.
I want now to use it as a DVD/BlueRAy Player.
I have an external USB player and I can list DVD/BR files when inserted; but KODI do not see the disk at all and it can't be played.

Did any one already try this? with success?
Is there some libs to include?
I've no experience on Android and KODI. I would try to ask the question on KODI forum. There is much more experience on the KODI settings over there.
Share then the infos when you've got it ;)

Unfortunately I have no sollution to your problem, but I'm also trying to run KODI on Android 4.2. It always gives me "waiting for external memory". Did you run into the same problems? What versions are you using? Any suggestions would be appreciated! thx

How did you get Kodi out of the box installed on BananaPi Pro. Where did you get the files.

I am not finding it.

You can't install it from the play store directly. You have to download it from their Homepage. But Since you need an SD Card for the installation, you better put the apk file on an USB Stick or install it via Ethernet from another network PC.

Please note, that the newer version had the "waiting for external memory" problem. I ended up with using an older version. (But there is still no hardware support!)

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