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Wireless driver for Banana pro.

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Does anyone know whether the latest Openwrt image includes wireless driver for banana pro?

I got the image of OpenWrt_For_BananaPi_v1.0.tgz from here:
, but I cannot enable the wireless device after booting pro by that os image.

Is this for a USB wifi device? If so what kind?

Anything in iwconfig?

Anything if you type:

$> lsusb | grep '802.11'

If so, what's the make/model? I'd grep dmesg and also lsmod to see if the actual manufacturer's driver is loaded, or any driver for that matter.

If not, get one and modprobe it, see if something shows up at least in /dev (might want to ls /dev > before this way you can ls  /dev > after and diff the two after you restart networking (or the whole thing).

If they don't have sources or an ARM compilation I'd probably check the docs in that library for that make and model.

Personally, I have a NetGear, Inc. WNA1000M 802.11bgn [Realtek RTL8188CUS] that has given me problems in almost every Linux distro I've used it (even AFTER installing the OEM crap).

Thanks. I will check that.

And this is not for usb wifi device, banana pro includes wifi module on board.

Oh, derp. Sorry, didn't realize that.

The image should come with it. Again, I should be setting this up this weekend so I'll check to see if I run into it as well.

Thanks ericwilk.

I tried android image provided by here:
, which works well. Banana pro can connect to internet by wifi, and also I can connect mobile with pro by making pro as ad-hoc.

OpenWrt still has problem on that.

There was one question about AP6181 wifi module on banana pro:
, but I tried to put new firmware, which was uploaded by Tony, in the /lib/firmware, it did not work.

has there been any update on wifi driver it seems latest openwrt build on banana pro do not work well alot packetloss on gigabit ethernet and wifi module do not work.

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