Must Linux be silent ???

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I've just started to test the Banana Pi and I'm not at all impressed with the results so far.
The hardware is good enough, but the software is very far from acceptable, with all OS images tried so far.

The issue I address in this post concerns both "Raspbian" and "Lubuntu" (the latest versions available at present).
In all my tests I have not been able to make either one of them produce any audio output whatever.
And I've tested this not only with HDMI connection but also with the separate audio output.

At first I worried that it might be my Banana Pi which had faulty audio chips, but that's not the case.
The audio works fine when I use the Android OS image (though that has other fatal bugs).

Best regards: dlanor
I tested the audio when I release the image. The most problem may is the hardware. Can you try the Android? It is convenient to switch audio output mode from audio jack and HDMI.

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When I use Android I get HDMI audio from the start, which is what I want. I'm not sure where/how to configure it for audio jack output, so I havent tested that with Android.

In Lubuntu and Raspbian the situation is reversed, with audio going to the jack by default and me being unable (so far) to configure it for HDMI. But I have learned that there is a working signal at the audio jack when using Linux. It's just that the signal level is so horribly weak compared to all other audio sources that I must turn the volume knob on the stereo set all the way to the max to get close to normal listening volume. And if I leave it at that setting while switching to another audio source I will probably have my eardrums blasted.

But the audio does work, and it doesn't sound bad, except for all the extra interference noise that inevitably becomes audible with amplification at maximum while audible volume is normal. (Another way of saying that the input signal level is too low, relative to normal interference.)

In any case, I no longer plan to use the Linux images much, since I've solved the major problem with the Android image (the /sdcard mounting). So that's the BPi image I'll focus on for the time being.

Best regards: dlanor

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