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Has anybody managed to get PPSSPP to compile on the BPi?

As you may guess, its a Sony PSP emulator. Its very fast and the BPi should have no problem in playing Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins etc.

I've had a look at building it but its not a straightforward build - it looks like the build system needs a overhaul to support ABI detection etc

Someone has made a start in getting the ffmpeg requirement to build for hard float s this should help a little:

https://github.com/hrydgard/ppss ... master/linux_arm.sh
Note that you will need to have GLES2/EGL working in order to run PPSSPP.

The easiest way to get the Mali drivers set up is to install this custom Arch distro:

http://blog.eldajani.net/banana- ... mized-distribution/


I need to check later that this isn't already in the Arch armh7 repos..

..it isn't

Nobody else interested in PSP emulation? I expect its the most powerful console platform (alongside N64) that we should be able to manage well on the BPi.

I have run PPSSPP on android. It runs and most roms work. However it is very slow. Too slow to play enjoyably. I have NDS emulator DraStic running with only a little lag. Precise games like mario are hard to play, but slower paced games like pokemon are great fun.

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