Booting using an LVM setup

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Hi All,

I installed Bananian and I set up my Sata HD with LVM.
Do you know how can I boot it using the LVM partition?
Should I need a sort of initrd initramfs to achieve this?

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

We really need LVM, too. It seems like during boot, only md (raid) is searched. When placing /dev/mapper/host--root, it fails.
We also tried to re-compile a boot kernel. Unfortunately it failed - and any bananian upgrade would have broken these custom-boot scripts anyway.
So could you please consider adding the LVM to the boot options, too. Besides LVM, we need the crypt module, too. We would then swith our systems with crypted LVM.

Thank you

I was able to boot from lvm after setting up initramfs according to the recipe here.

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