Lubuntu Configuration

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I downloaded the Lubuntu image.. It installed fine. I have it running fine..Im coming from a windows background, so excuse me ignorance.. Can someone guide me with a few things?

1. Im assuming that If I boot to a command line, It will run faster? Im assuming that the GUI interface uses lots of resources?

a. How can I boot to a command prompt?
b. How can I load the GUI interface from the command prompt?
c. How do I close the GUI and go back to the command prompt?
d. I think I want to boot to Root automatically. Auto login.. How can I do that? There is only going to be one user in this case
e. I have a very small app that I wrote using Free Pascal. It is a GUI app. Can a small gui app be loaded from the command prompt, or does it need Gui loaded first to run a gui app?
f. How can you make an app start running at startup? I.E., boot and load app.. and monitor sensors..

Ive tried to search the web, it just get more and more confused..

Please, any help would be appreciated..

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