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Kali Mattrix Image - V.0.1

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- Based on v1.0 image (http://bananapi.com/index.php/fo ... v1-0-release-note#4)

- Fixed Ethernet (below 3 changes)
- Update uImage (kernel), uEnv, script.bin and kernel modules from Bananian 15.01
- Therefore, Kernel version is now 3.4.104
- Add "sunxi_gmac" to /etc/modules
- Empty /etc/network/interfaces file (allows Kali to manage interface)

- Add "sudo" command
- Add new non-root user "pi / bananapi"  (some apps in Kali don't like being root, eg. wireshark)
- Root user remains same "root / bananapi"

- Change timezone to Auckland/New Zealand (can change using "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata")
- Change keyboard layout to standard US keyboard (can change using "dpkg-reconfigure console-data")
- Change locale to en_NZ (can change using "dpkg-reconfigure locales")

- Add resize script (resizes partion to SD card size on first boot)
- Enable SSH Server on boot (it will generate SSH keys on first boot)
- Fix apt-get sources.list (had old / bad sources in it)
- apt-get update and upgrade to latest versions

When first booted, it will reboot twice before booting into the GUI.
This is only done once to allow the SD card to be resized.

Image Size: 3.2GB
Download Size: 750MB
File Name: Mattrix-Kali-v0.1.img.7z (use 7-Zip to extract)

MediaFire (user upload - unverified)
As I have changed the kernel and kernel modules from that original image,
I think some of there changes may no longer be in the image

-CAN bus driver

But, if Bananian has these - then they should still be there.

Please test and let me know how it goes

Download link doesn't works. Update it please.
Thanks a lot

70% uploaded
Nearly ready!

I can't wait
thanks again!

Link up now
Please post back on how it works for you!

I was trying to do this too
But how have you get the SSH-Server starts on boot ?
When I've compiled a whole new kali image, SSH is installed but don't start on boot..

can you compile this version to run tightvncserver on boot and deactivate the login screen so we could access the GUI directly as user or root.
I dont have a screen, i use tightvncserver instead to access my banana pi via my computer. i am running Lubuntu with these modification + Linset script for wireless pen-testing.

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Another Link for the great OS Kali  MEDIAFIRE

Sebster replied at Mon Feb 2, 2015 06:54
I was trying to do this too  
But how have you get the SSH-Server starts on boot ?

I think it was...
  1. update-rc.d -f ssh remove
  2. update-rc.d -f ssh defaults
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