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Kali Mattrix Image - V.0.1

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Anasrocks replied at Mon Feb 2, 2015 18:11
can you compile this version to run tightvncserver on boot and deactivate the login screen so we cou ...

If you are headless, could you not just SSH into it then install the tightvnc server yourself?

that's what i did , thank you Mattrix. i don't know if you know about WiFislax pentesting OS, but if you do, can you take a look at it and see if it can be tweaked to run in Banana pi, it would make the news in the community.

How did you find my Kali image?

Works good?

No problems with the automatic resizing / SSH key gen?

mattrix replied at Mon Feb 2, 2015 23:55
How did you find my Kali image?

Works good?

I found it via google.

Downloading to try it as well.

Let me know your feedback

mattrix replied at Mon Feb 2, 2015 21:22
I think it was...

Thank you!
I'll try this later on

So far booted it up, did all the usuals - updating installing etc etc; no complaints at all - Love this so much- cant wait to start showing this off to others
Thank You so much for the hard work

Thanks for the feedback Jerry!

I was worried by changing the kernel, some programs etc would break - but seems good so far!

This image works with HDMI? Green light is flashing, but HDMI is not detected.

Yes. I have only tested with HDMI.
Are you using a DVI adapter by any chance?

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