Random Banana shutdown

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Hi all,
randomly, my banana Pi shuts down. (Pi not running and no leds blinking anymore).
I checked most of all the system logs. no clue, nothing weird, no "shutdown".
After turning it on again (pressing reset button), I dont get any error messages. It's not especially after a particular use.
Specifications: I'm using it as a NAS server with installed on it:

Everything works perfectly fine. the problem is that when I'm not at home, I cannot restart it... so I cannot use all my services...
I cannot remember what I changed on it. I'm using the latest Bananian version.

if you have any hint... let me know!
Thanks a lot for your support.
Check power and temperature values. You find some threads in the network / server section of this forum. Sudden shutdowns are normally a sign of under voltage oder overheating.

you may want to check the PSU.
- Any high power consuming usb device (e.g. wifi) connected?
- was your pi in high cpu utilization?
- poor usb power cable connection.
these could be the reasons that your device suddenly power off.


as the folks above already told this might be an issue with your power supply or your cables

You can try to activate the watchdog timer in the BaPi as a kind of workaround. It might be worth trying, but there is no guarantee

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gbi replied at Thu Feb 5, 2015 08:30
You can try to activate the watchdog timer in the BaPi as a kind of workaround

Please remember the symptoms described:

Pi not running and no leds blinking anymore

This situation is comparable to 'power plug pulled' and that's exactly what happened: the AXP209 PMU protects the board and simply shuts everything off: ... 2&fromuid=33332

The watchdog functionality might help in other situations when the system hangs or crashed (according to the A20 specs: "It can generate a general reset or a interrupt request"). But that won't help that much if the whole board (and therefore the A20 SoC as well) is powered off completely.

And since it's so easy to check the AXP209's conditions (voltage/current and temperature available through sysfs/I2C) the problem can be fixed too

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Hi, im having a struggle with the banana pi about 3 days now. I have installed many OS such as raspbian, lubuntu and OMW, no matter what OS installed, sometimes the banana shuts down and wont to boot. I found that issue caused from the plugged keyboard (apple wired keyboard and logitech g110) on the USB ports. So, i plugged the keyboard on a powered USB hub and fixed that issue.
At the moment i have installed openmediavault v.2.1. I  had completed the whole setup of the system and attached a HDD. But it shuts down almost every time (5/6 times failed) while i copying/moving  files on the installed HDD.

What i should do?

Whats hoocked up on the system:
3.5 seagate hdd 320gb on sata and power by an external psu
Usb powered hub and one keyboard on it
Hdmi full hd monitor
Power supply: ipad 10v 2.1a charger
Ethernet direct to router
Sd card 32gb sandisk u1

- get different PSU and power cables
- solder a LiPo battery

igorpec replied at Mar 09, 2017 23:13
- get different PSU and power cables
- solder a LiPo battery

Where do i solder the LiPo battery, on the white circle behined the HMDI port where says BAT1?

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Yes, like this: ... y-power-monitoring/

With Armbian monitoring works on both kernels.

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