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LeMedia unusable

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The main reason why I bought banana pro, is because I was hoping to have a faster xbmc, so I was excited when I received the board and immediately downloaded LeMedia and installed it on my banana pro board. But it was totally disappointing as the xbmc on this image doesnt work. I get audio, but no video. Also most of the plugins dont work

Is there any plan for fixing the issues and releasing a new/more stable version of LeMedia?
The XBMC on Linux is bad experience because of the no-full hardware acceleration under Linux. You can use the Android version XBMC http://forum.lemaker.org/thread- ... 3_1_02_01_2015.html

Yeah, the Android version works great AND you can use your favorite apps (Android, YouTube, Pandora, etc.) right in it. If you use the Confluence-Helix+ skin, you can even add Android app shortcuts under each category (Music, TV Shows, Movies, etc.).

agree... I didn't bought this PCB for running Android. My phone can do that. I want GNU/Linux with HW-acc. Nothing more, nothing less..........

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