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Ignition Os - (Upcoming Steam like retro gaming platform)

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Ignition is a Social Retro Gaming "OS" for the Pi with features such as Gaming Achievements, Gamer Profiles, Online Play, more..


A modern intuitive user interface.

The Ignition User Interface is built to be modern, extendable, and customizable. With multiple screens and fluid transitions, Ignition aims to bring the same level of interactivity and visuals as modern day console dashboards. If playing online, Ignition would stream updates of play sessions and activity from you and your friends as well as optional community events and challenges.

A catalog of all your games.

Using an established game database, ignition will identify key information for your game files without the need to run a script or download any additional files. Cover art, screenshots, movies, genre, rating, descriptions and more will be automatically displayed in real-time on all games from the database. This includes many of those really rare titles and imports as well.

There is no need for an internet connection as a copy of this database will be supplied for offline use.

Achievement Unlocked!

Ignition will support gaming 'achievements' or 'trophies' for most systems. An achievement can be added for any game by you, your friends, or the community. You will also be able to share these trophies or achievements with your friends, viewable in the "recent updates" area of their dashboard. Challenge yourself or a friend to speed run through Sonic, or beat Star Fox with one life to compete against yourself or your friends.

Gaming Metrics and Game Management.

Ignition will save key information from all of your play sessions. Play Time, Count, and more. These will be presented in graphs on the games profile screen. Your save states will also be presented with a screenshot preview of the time of save for you to easily jump back into game at the exact point.

All movies and Screenshots you take will also be displayed on the game's profile screen, ready to view or share.

Offline first

While some of the fun of this project comes from the online features, an internet connection is by no means necessary to utilize Ignition. With the "Offline First" mentality, the software is built to be fully functional whether you're online or offline.

Real-time Notifications

Ignition will allow for real-time notifications ranging from Achievement's being unlocked, to friends coming online. Other notifications such as messaging, multiplayer/netplay invitations will also be present.

Voice Commands

Ignition will (optionally) always be listening, in a low powered state, for voice commands. These include turning the Pi on and "off" (into a suspended low powered standby), pausing games, saving screenshots, movies, saves, and commanding back and forth between the ignition UI and the current game. For models that do not support audio input, an external USB sound card will be required.

Supports virtually any USB wired and wireless Gamepad And XBMC Integration

Ignition utilizes a standard low level API to recognize nearly all USB gamepads out of the box. Use wireless gamepads via a bluetooth or powered wireless adapter.

Note: Banana Pi will be devoleped and supported!

Beta is coming very very soon!!! Ignition OS - Website


Will the banana pro also be supported? This sounds/looks awesome!

Awesome! I can't wait for this!

wanna be in the beta team

Anasrocks replied at Mon Mar 23, 2015 16:10
wanna be in the beta team

I'd love to be in the beta team

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