WiFi Adapter RealTek RTL8188CU

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Would it be possible to add this wifi adapter to Android o/s ?

RealTek RTL8188CU

i tested these adapters on BPi Raspbian V3.0 and they work, so i would of thought they work with Android?



I believe each different BPi image contains its own device drivers, so compatibility to any one of these OS images doesn't guarantee compatibility to any of the others, unless you know that two different OS used similar device driver sets.

I've noticed that the Android image in particular seems lacking in device drivers for various things. For example only 1 out of 6 RF keyboards worked and that only when not using a USB hub. But in Lubuntu and Raspbian the other keyboards also work fine. I also tried to use gamepads with Android (for retro emulators), but none of them were recognized by any drivers.

Hopefully someone can add more device drivers for the next release of the Android image.
And perhaps they can even come up with a way for us to add more drivers to our currently installed images.
Installation should just be a matter of dropping some binaries and scripts into the correct folders.
But the tricky work will of course be for someone to make or find those files for us...

Best regards: dlanor

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Next Android image will have a big difference.

I have RealTek RTL8188 which it works on lubuntu so if some one can advise me on how to get it to work on android and had no problems with xbmc on android

Tony if you are cooking new android version please look for a nice dual band WiFi USB dangle.

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Excellent thanks Tony, your a Star!!

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Next Android image will have a big difference.
tony_zhang Posted at 2014-7-14 06:53

    ...err...so when is the next Android image releasing ??? any idea ?

Hopefully sooner..

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