hello all :) banana pro problems

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hi all new to the site, searched a few posts and after having abit of trouble i thought it would be better to register.
first impressions of the forum is there is alot of helpful ppl so thanks for the help so far and thanks in advance to help that comes.
had great success with my rasp pi but run into a few problems with the pro namely:
1. Android image seems to be very buggy (half the apps go straight back to homescreen)
2.  Lubuntu & Raspian images are both getting errors in phoenixcard
my ultimate goal is to get xbmc/kodi running on it and a retro games machine, i thought as this was more powerful than my rasp i could emulate ps1 & n64 aswell as have a smooth xbmc system
The Lubuntu and Raspbian image can not use Phoenix tool to burn into SD card. Please read this: http://www.lemaker.org/resources ... ck_start_guide.html

Android XBMC: http://forum.lemaker.org/thread- ... 3_1_02_01_2015.html
Linux XBMC: http://forum.lemaker.org/thread- ... v1_1_realeased.html

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thank you for your reply tony, ive installed the 720p and it boots ok but the browser and kodi wont open and kick me back to apps menu.
mx player states component files are corrupted and not compatible with current version of mx player.
smbwrapper states no xbmc found, install playercorefactory.xml.
ive looked through the posts comments and a few are mentioned so ill try and find a way but im not sure what im doing wrong as every version of android ive tried and has booted, 90% of the apps wont open ???
also i tried the lemedia image and get no hdmi display and a solid green light
thanks again for your time and effort tony

thank you tony, i got the android image working

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