Any progress on Remote Desktop access with Bananian? (SOLVED)

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I had a couple of tries using Bananian and Windows 7 Remote Desktop connection, but it allways stops just before the line which is supposed to read "tcp connected". I have managed to get it working with Raspbian though, but want to use Bananian. I see treads about Raspbian and Remote Desketop  and things like "then it should also work on Bananian  too...", but for me it doesn't work anyhow i do it. Does anyone have a clear and detailed procedure on how to make it work with Bananian? There seems to be some path/location differences which makes trouble, but am not at all sure. I use the general procedure as with Raspbian with "TightVNC", "Xrdp" etc. But no luck on Bananian. I don't have a monitor available with HDMI nor adapters to DVI. I cant use AV either so Remote Desktop is the only way for the time being. If anyone have an idea of how to get it up and running it would be nice. Please don't refer to Raspbian in this tread, cause it should be straight from the Bananian image and arpt-get installs nothing else.


Here (hopefully) is a pic which shows how far i get before error:


The errors seems legitimate because i don't think the files are installed under root...btw i logged on as root before installs


Got it at last. Had to install X window system, xfce4 and a icon theme.


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Can you post what you did? I want to start a project with my PI, but the HDMI doesn't seem to work with my Dell Monitor.

I have a fresh install of Bananian right now

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I've just finished banging my head with this and finally got it working with lxde desktop env.
I have the following context:
-using a BPI-R1
-no monitor! (only remote ssh )
-using Bananian 15.01

Here is how I did it (don't know the exact order):
-install lxde(the graphical env): "apt-get install lxde"
-install xrdp(for using Windows Remote Desktop Connection) "apt-get install xrdp"
-install a 'command-line ssh only' configurable vnc server (vino and remmina fails here): "apt-get install tightvncserver"
if you run "tightvncserver" now it will fail, x11 fonts are missing, so:
-install X window system which will fix the fonts: "apt-get install xorg"
-ensure the graphical env. and vnc server is running, type:
"tightvncserver" or "/usr/bin/tightvncserver", it should print something like: "New 'X' desktop is ..."

That is it! Now fire up Windows Remote Desktop Connection on your PC/Laptop (using Windows 8.1), enter the ip of your device, login and a boring black desktop with no icons and a minimal a taskbar should appear.
I also followed this thread to configure xrdp (Ricewind's way):

Please note that I am playing with this device for 3 weeks now and I might have installed other necessary packages I do not remember.

Good luck!

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Thanks this works.

Yes, I do have a complaint with this Remote Desktop issue. I am trying to solve this since a month even I search for the solution in reviews services I didn't find any. I think there is a technical error related to the remote desktop it is not allowing me to access the desktop through the laptop password. Please suggest me the solution.

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good as come

Here discussed any progress on remote desktop access with Bananian it seems the path location makes the trouble. The remote desktop is the only way best internet providers in my area for the time. Using the Raspbian the image and Apt-get installs

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