Problem installing WiringBP

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I'm trying to install WiringBP on my bananian, but run into all sort of problems. I'm trying to do the official procedure and am at the point of:

cd WiringBP
chmod +x ./build
sudo ./build

Here this script fails of course since sudo is not installed on bananaian. And if i use only ./build then i get the following error:

"build will not execute and completion _build exists"

Same happens with the make command. I'm doing this as root. So what i've done so far is :

1. Installed git
2. run "git clone -b bananapi"
3. cd WiringBP
4. chmod +x ./build

Above went ok, but since "sudo" and "make" isnt there or fails i get the following errors:

WiringPi Library
./build: 53: ./build: sudo: not found
./build: 59: ./build: make: not found

Make Failed...

Can anyone help with this problem?

You need install sudo and make software.

Ok, i see, but isn't that unfortunate for a beginner? I do know very little about Linux, but i do know a little about programming to do the GPIO. Why isn't these things installed by default on Bananian? The procedures for getting the GPIO environment at least using Python should be created/updated so its easy to get up and running on this. Many thanks for help though

There are different programming tools used which are pretty helpful to do our work. I like that papersowl update online and that would help me to fix problems as well according to professional’s suggestions. Keep it up to bring such informative and helping material online.

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